Supporting tools for the integrated management of drinking water reservoirs contaminated by Cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins

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Help us to monitor Cyanobacterial blooms in our lakes!

Cyanobacteria, are tiny organisms found naturally in aquatic ecosystems and numerous other environments. They are common in water around the world and we expect them to periodically bloom in the European lakes as well. Typically, these organisms are harmless and go unnoticed; however, under certain conditions, cyanobacteria can form a dense mat or bloom on the surface of the water that may produce harmful toxins. These blooms and associated toxins pose a significant threat to humans, animals, and the ecosystems.

We are collecting information on these organisms around Europe and monitoring their blooms within the framework of Bloowater project.

What can you do?

By reporting a bloom, you can contribute valuable data that will help scientists learn more about cyanobacterial blooms and how best to monitor them in the future.

2) Report a bloom by filling out this form

  • Include photos if high levels of cyanobacteria are observed.
    Photos should preferably be taken to photograph a close-up of the water surface and a broad view of the water in vicinity. (Taking pictures of water is difficult with glare and reflections. Take more pictures than you think you need!)
    Photos can also be of blooms occurred in the past, provided that you remember where and when they have been taken!
    When taking a photograph take care to avoid exposure to cyanobacteria


The reports are shared between the project partners, stored in our archives and added to our long-term used records for research and dissemination purposes.

4) Raise awareness about Cyanotoxins among other people

Your contribution can make a difference.
Help us to raise awareness of the problem among the people you know and contribute to inform about the form for reporting cyanobacteria blooms. Other lakes will also benefit!

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